The Manual Skill and Craftsmanship of the GaNi Group encompasses all of the beauty of our products, our culture, and our identity. Being recognized as artisan manufacturers is a value that remains constant over time, and the whole world is fascinated by products from our Ganicolor line, by the care taken in choosing the raw material, and by the pursuit of extremely high quality and creativity along each stage of the production chain.

The collection is characterized by the selection of craft products, made solely in Italy. The Ganicolor Resins and Special Paint are made entirely in Italy.

The fact that our products are 100% MADE IN ITALY gives our clients a guarantee of quality.


The GaNi Group chemical and technical teams dedicate most of their time to the Research and Development that is crucial for the Ganicolor line. One of the main strengths of the company is its diverse experience in the technological field. The unique combination of skills within the company in the special paint and resin sectors puts it in a leading position.

Research and Development staff are continuously working on creating new, exclusive products and improving existing products to meet the needs of our clients in every part of the world. 


A team of technical experts are always available to quickly respond to the needs of the designers and all of our clients. The service is carried out in three main stages: preventive assistance (cycles, feasibility, and technical assessments), assistance during application (to verify that proper procedure is being followed), and after-sale assistance (to check the final result).


All of the elements of the Ganicolor Resins and Special Paint have been calibrated according to all needs, to meet any possible requirement, with selections of containers from 1 kg to 20 kg.

In order to support 100% of our clients, we have designed an innovative and functional SAMPLE KIT, unique within the sector.


In addition to the Paint Collection 3.0, with a complete catalogue of Special Paint and Resins for furniture and industry, Ganicolor has a showroom with over 150 other special effects, all customizable on demand according to the needs of the designer or client.